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Electronic Health Records Startup

Electronic Health Records / Practice Management | Owner and Principle Designer

For the company with these apps, I served not only as owner but as Principle Designer from 2003 - 2008. I led a global team of 25 individuals including Engineers, Front End Developers, and Business Analysts, and I handled all facets of design. Aside from creating a decision-tree methodology that solved a major problem for clinical users allowing them to add both free text as well as structured text seamlessly, another feature of the EHR product included a method of using anatomically correct 3D models in which the user could “scroll” through each layer of human anatomy down to the lymph node system. The end goal was to mine de-identified data (conforming to HIPAA regulations) and sell for reuse to third party vendors. The outcome of the company is that it was sold in 2008 to an undisclosed party.

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