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Harvard Final Project

Mobile Meds for Seniors | Creative Direction

In the course that I took at Harvard Business School, we were tasked with the final activity to design a product that would serve to assist individuals in living their best lives. We were intentionally not given detailed directions as the professor wanted us to really get creative with our apps. 


For the final assignment, I chose the senior population and the growing problem of not taking and/or missing taking their medications for a variety of reasons. The challenge was to create a mobile app that a schedule would be created and would remind seniors (whether at home or at nursing homes) at appropriate times to take their meds. The most difficult attribute of this undertaking was that traditionally, most seniors are less technology savvy than younger users and therefore it had to be extremely simple to use. 

Role & Responsibility

My role in this assignment was to go through the entire design process from beginning to end. This included defining the problems I thought needed to be solved, interviewing seniors to validate the problems that needed to be solved, and uncovering additional problems that may arise from these interviews. As I converged on the problems to be solved, I consulted with my classmates and the professor 1:1 for any feedback they may have - understanding that the user was the main point of emphasis. I diverged on the right problems and ideated on designs via wireframes and prototypes. I devised a final design that gave seniors a schedule and reminders to take their medications. This was never meant to be a final app, but was more about the process, insights, and outcomes. 


Deliverables for this assignment/project included every aspect of the design process. Definition of the problem, validating with users, uncovering new undiscovered problems, refining the definition of the right problems, ideation of design, feedback from users, classmates, and professor, then refining the solution as a wireframe/prototype. 

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