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EHR/PM Legacy Screens

Design | Creative Direction

Prior to the major revamp of the Electronic Health Records / Practice Management Revamp effort, I directed a team to redesign areas of the legacy EHR/PM utilizing the same technology stack.


WIth this project, the challenge was to take certain legacy screens and revamp them within the same technology stack. Therefore, from the beginning, I knew that there would be limitations that we had to work with.

Role & Responsibility

First, I spoke with Product and Engineering leadership about what the tasks were, what could and couldn't be accomplished with the legacy technology stack from a high level. Once I had this information, I was able to place the right team members from Research, Product Design, and Visual Design for these different programs. I made sure as with every team member I tracked progress through 1:1's with each team member, meetings with leadership, and other activities. 


We took the information and conducted user interviews through research. We found out some insights what we thought were problems actually were, and some insights that we did not know and were new. We then diverged on the problems within Product Teams, and eventually converged to decide on the most important problems. We then ideated designs and received user feedback through follow up interviews and took that feedback to arrive at the best solutions to solve the problems. 

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