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Multi-Consult Project

Design Lead | Creative Direction

As part of our Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Practice Management (PM) product revamp there was a user need for a mobile solution that would be able to utilize tablets and other mobile devices. As a result, we created a product called "multi-consult" in which a patient could speak with multiple clinical staff at one time, saving time on multiple visits as well as physicians understanding each other through a conversation with the patient without having to rely on clinical notes alone. 


We already had seen and heard from our client base that there was a growing need and trend to have a application that would meet their needs on tablets and other mobile devices. However, during this time period we knew it would take quite a bit more time to create a native app due to limitations with iOS as well as our finite resources and expertise. The business wanted to roll out an MVP on a more accelerated timeline. 

Role & Responsibility

My role for this particular product was to understand the business goals, connect and align with Product and Engineering Leadership. Additionally, from this alignment I was able to allocate the appropriate resources. While my role was to provide creative direction and vision from a UX standpoint on every product high level, I was more involved in this project than others due to my expertise in with the clinical note and the magnitude of information that needed to be considered. 


Once UX resources were allocated and a product team formed, we began defining the problems that we knew of that were to be solved. UX Research conducted interviews and from those insights we narrowed to the right problems to be solved. We then ideated on design through wireframes and prototypes. Finally we came up with solutions to best meet the user needs in an MVP and developed future versions from that MVP. As with every project all design assets were documented from a Design System point of view as well as Style Guides. 

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