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NextGen Mobile

Mobile Chart with AI  | Creative Direction

In the latest version of our mobile product, we relied on a few of the problems from the past that technology could not solve at that point in time. Additionally, we wanted to uncover new problems that arose in the current state of technology. Most importantly, as disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Ambient Listening technologies had matured and become much more robust, we wanted to incorporate as much of these technologies as we could into the solution to help solve problems that previously were not able to be solved. 


We wanted to take the problems of the past that were not able to be solved from technology limitations and use modern disruptive technologies to potentially create more easy to use, intelligent solutions to those problems. Additionally, problems that we previously had to create very manual processes/workflows around, the goal was to reimagine those with as well with modern technologies. Finally, uncover new problems from our client base and their patients. The product was released in October of 2023. 

Role & Responsibility

As with most projects, my role included creative direction and facilitating the various members of the product group along with other leadership to ensure alignment. In addition to this, I was involved in many of the design activities as well as constantly tracking the progress of the product. I also helped facilitate workshops along with Product and Engineering around the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Ambient Listening. 


Deliverables for this project came in multiple forms and assets. This includes collaborating with Product and Engineering leadership on high level activities to form and help facilitate activities to the product teams. Providing creative direction to the UX Team, utilizing results from initial UX Research insights and presenting to the product team, assisting in defining the problem. From the design aspect, wireframes, prototypes were ideated upon, from the final designs - icons/symbol libraries were created, elements were added to the Design System as well the product Style Guide. 

NexGen AI

NexGen AI

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