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Redesign of Patient Portal

Patient Portal Design | Creative Direction

This project was a company-wide initiative to come with a patient portal solution both for desktop/laptop and for mobile that would not leave our client base and their patients confused on which portal to use, along with revamping the entire product. The end result was rated #3 of Best in KLAS (designation given to a healthcare technology and service company ranked by healthcare providers). 


This was initially a very complex challenge for several main reasons. Through acquisitions the company had made, we had at one time a total of two Patient Portals. Internally, each product team thought that their solution was the one to move forward with. Additionally, one of the products had a mobile component to them. 

Role & Responsibility

With this project, I began meeting with executives to define/refine overarching strategic direction. From that, I was able to meet with Product and Engineering leadership to begin creating strawman KPI's and get all of the problems we were aware of out on the table. From these meetings and activities, I was able to allocate the right User Researcher(s), Product Designer(s) and eventually Visual Designer(s) to the projects. Additionally, I was able to track progress in several ways: 1:1's with each member of the UX Team, meetings with Product and Engineering Leadership, Slack channels, etc. 


After allocating UX resources to the programs, the Researchers met with users for interviews and A/B testing high level of the two portals. We converged on the problems, diverged on the right problems to solve. From the insights we were able to diverge/converge on solutions, took the best of each portal from the insights and created a final single product for desktop/laptop and Mobile that our client base and their patients could use without confusion. 

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